Sport Bike Fork Lengths

So one thing I do a lot during a build is to research what fits what.

It’s always a quest to figure out if the swing arm for a 2004 Suzuki GSXR750 will fit say, a 1975 Kawasaki Z1, if one is so disposed to try such a thing.  I tend to want to try such things.

But there are so may variables; swing arm width, swing arm length, swing arm axel diameter, rear axel diameter, shock mounting position, (could one weld mounts for a twin shock conversion?).  A lot of the numbers are hard to find, as they’re not really that pertinent to the average owner of, say, a 2004 Suzuki GSXR750.  He probably doesn’t pass the winter evenings scratching around the internet to answer the burning question: What is  my swing arm axel diameter?  But I do.  Specifically, I want to know YOUR swing arm diameter, cause I might use your swing arm on sumat’else.

To this end, I’ve decide to start compiling what I find here, so I can find it when I need it again, and others may save some time on this task before heading off for another “Can you use a small auto fuel injector for a 4-1 intake on an inline 4…”

So, as mentioned, this is 2nd hand at best, and appears to be more than that.  No reason to doubt the numbers, no reason to trust them,  Found info, maybe worth every penny, maybe not (in plain English: trust the information below at your own risk.  Verify measurements prior to application, do not do anything that would intentionally or unintentionally harm  yourself or others, try not to be stupid, call your mother often, floss daily…)


Sport Bike Fork Lengths…

(found here at, which, by the way, is a great forum, and although I’m not heavy in that scene, I have posted there a bit, and it’s a sound group of guys)

Make/Model year Range Fork Length mm (inch) (axle center to fork cap top extended suspension)
M1 700mm (27,5”)
M2 730mm (28,75”)

998s ohlins 720mm (28,374”)
monster 750ie 02 730mm (28,74”)
st3 04-05 725mm (28,54”)
st4s 02-03 697mm (27,44”)

Harley Davidson
most 812mm (32”)

CBR1000RR 692mm (27,25”)
CBR600F1 87-90 738mm (29,05”)
CBR929 00-01 724mm (28,5”)
CBR954 02-05 724mm (28,5”)
RC51 SP1 762MM (30”)
RC51 SP2 736MM (28,97”)
vfr 750 fl 791mm (31,15”)
VFR800 780mm (30,75”)
vtr1000f 778mm (30,62”)

fz1 2007 762mm (30”)
versys 774mm (30”)
ZRX1100 766mm (30,15”)
ZX10R 06-07 743mm (29,25”)
ZX10R 04-05 730mm (28,75”)
ZX14 742mm (29,25”)
ZX636 750mm (29,5”)
ZX9r B4 94-97 766mm (30,15”)

GSF 400 JDM 820mm (32”)
GSXR1000 01-02 726mm (28,54”)
GSXR1000 03-04 720mm (28,34”)
GSXR1000 05-06 720mm (28,34”)
GSXR1000 07-08 720mm (28,34”)
GSXR1100W 94 770mm mm (30,25)
Gsxr1300 Hayabusa 99-07 725mm (28,54”)
Gsxr1300 Hayabusa 08
GSXR600 00-03
GSXR600 04-05 720mm (28,34”)
GSXR600 06-07 738mm (29,05”)
GSXR750 90-95 750mm (29,5”) 257mm (10 1/8”)
GSXR750 00-03
GSXR750 04-05 720mm (28,34”)
GSXR750 06-07 738mm (29,05”)
GSXR750 SRAD 96-99 730mm (28,75”)
RF600 97 750mm (29,5”) 257mm (10 1/8”)
TL1000R all 717mm (28,22”)
TL1000S all 732mm (28,81”)
VZ800 Marauder 838mm (33”)

FZR400 790mm(31.1”)
FZ750 1986 825mm (32,5”)
FZR1000 87-88 770mm (30,3”)
FZR1000 exup 89 770mm (30,25”)
XV920 J virago 82-83 825mm (32,5”)