Custom Motorcycle Resources

Here is a short (for now), list of online tools, suppliers, tips and tricks…

Kawasaki – Amazing site with huge forum.  If you have a question about a KZ, it’s probably been discussed here, and someone with 30 years experience (or 3 or 4) will have chimed in with some great knowledge.

Z1Enterprises – Huge supplier or aftermarket Japanese parts, with incredible depth in Kawasaki and many many years of expertise.

The “Numbers Guide” – to the Kawasaki Z1 and KZ900 motorcycles – also on the Z1Enterprises site

And a much bigger list of Kawasaki engine and frame numbers at

Conversion Tools

AllBallsRacing’s conversion tool.  This is a tool I tell everyone about that will listen.  If you are thinking about doing a front end swap, and the term “stem swap” has come up?  STOP!  GO to the tool linked above and find out what other machines may be a DIRECT swap – as in bolt on.  Stem length may still be an issue, but at least you can start with the right inside and outside diameters!
*note: if you’re using a Mac – use Firefox or Safari, the tool doesn’t seem to work in Chrome


Please feel free to submit any resources that you find useful for inclusion on this page.  The Internet, we’re all in this together!