Best DIY Throttle Cable Repair Video I’ve Ever Seen

Working with old bikes can be challenging.

One constant struggle is cables.  If you can find one that fits for a 40+ year old machine, as often as not is as old as the bike (NOS) or an aftermarket item that may or may not fit or may not be of great quality.

I’ve been working on a 1966 Suzuki T20 for my buddy Pete, and cannot find a replacement throttle cable assembly for it.  As the T20 is a 2-stroke twin with an oil pump, the cable goes from 1 to 3 cables,

The cable that came with the bike is old, the housings are cracked and the cables are oxidized.

I took a chance and ordered a similar unit for a Suzuki of the same era and of similar configuration.

Alas, the cables are the wrong length.

It became clear that I was going to have to fashion something myself, and this was something I was dreading as I’ve had little success in the past, even using the brass fittings you can buy.  This was even more complicated by the fact that the ends that attach to the throttle slides are very small.

Happily, after some digging, I came across this video:

I am now looking forward to the repair, as it looks like a great way to get a profession level of finish and security for custom cables.  I will use all new stainless cables, and the NOS housings to get the best of both worlds!

Thanks to DonnDIY @ YouTube for posting such a great video.

I will post the results.